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My Personal Experience When It Comes To Buying Website Traffic

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My blogs used to have a small amount of traffic every day. In fact, it is because of the small amount of traffic my blogs receive that I ended up considering buy website. This was really because my friend advised me to try it. He pointed out that getting a lot of profit is impossible if my blogs have small traffic. I have doubts about it for purchasing traffic sounds like cheating, but my friend told me that it is not. He even added that I won’t be the first one who shall do it for many have done it before.


If that is the case, then I should first make a research about purchase website traffic. I should know what truly this buying web traffic is. If possible, I want to know how they can help in providing more traffic to a website or a blog site. With the research, I saw all the advantages of buying website traffic. Still, I need to see something that will really convince me.


And since I own multiple blogs, I decided to consider targeted traffic on one of my blogs first. This way, this will serve as a test or experiment as to whether or not it will really benefit me. I really had minimal expectation at first for it was just a test. And since I had no expectations, I was surprised to see the results. The traffic and also the sales of the blog have increased. In fact, the margin prior to buying traffic and after is clearly huge.


It is because of these results that I ended up trying such thing on all of my other blogs. It will surely work on my other blogs for it did work on the first one. And if all my blogs become profitable, then surely I will profit a lot, which really happened.

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February 1st, 2013 at 8:13 am

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